October 31, 2017

Clove + Hallow | Clean Beauty Review

Clove + Hallow | A Clean, Vegan Beauty Review (Lip Velvet, Make Up Melt, Correct + Conceal

I was first introduced to Clove + Hallow a few months back when The Truth Beauty Company (a boutique solely selling natural, organic and good-for-you beauty, haircare and skincare products) held a brunch to launch the products into the Toronto scene. Sarah Biggers, founder of Clove + Hallow came all the way from Atlanta to share her inspiring story. When she turned towards the clean beauty world she was not able to find comparable products that offered the bold shades she was used to as well as had the ultimate staying power. Her goal? Combine great beauty products and the holistic world.  I left the brunch so excited about the brand and wearing one of Sarah's Lip Velvet, which is a liquid lip colour. Five hours later (after eating, drinking and wandering the city) I came home with the lipstick still intact. To say I was surprised was an understatement! When does natural, clean lipstick last THIS long?!

Clove + Hallow | A Clean, Vegan Beauty Review (Lip Velvet, Make Up Melt, Correct + Conceal

To give you a little background on how Clove + Hallow is changing the clean makeup scene here's a little break down:

Clean-- made with real and natural ingredients (all products are made with 15 ingredients or less)
Vegan and cruelty-free-- they are PETA certified
Offer an incredible shade range-- think bright and bold just like your favourite cult classics (which is extremely rare for clean products)
Packaging you'll want to Instagram-- white, sleek and chic
Reasonably priced --liquid lips come in at about $18

Do I have you hooked yet? Finally, a natural, clean beauty company that embraces bold, bright and long-lasting! The line features a legit mineral pressed powder, a dewy concealer, a lip glaze that offers pigment and zero stickiness, and both a satin lip and liquid lip. Sarah is constantly developing new products and hopes to expand the line to mascara, highlighters and even eyeliners, which I can't wait for! But if you're wondering right now which products have me hooked, I'll fill you in.

1. The Conceal + Correct is a becoming a new favourite undereye concealer. It's super lightweight and ultra-smooth which is so important to me! No flaking or creasing here. Sometimes I find my concealer can pull off some of my mascara and I end up with black under my eyes, but not with this one! It's right up there to your other creamy favourite.

2. The Lip Velvet is raising the bar for liquid lips and I can't get enough of the bold colours! They are so creamy and literally smudge-proof. I did notice that after half the day I would have needed to reapply it to the inner lips had I had the product with me. This is still great when you compare to other liquid lips on the market. The velvets are just as hydrating as they sound, do not dry out your lips and are very pigmented. I am loving Sugarbear!

3. Ready for the heavy hitter? The Makeup Melt. If you have never tried an oil cleanser I don't know what you are doing with your life. You guys, this makeup remover gets rid of everything and anything! It's basically coconut oil on crack. You all know I really only use natural products to cleanse my face and this one which is packed with coconut oil, sunflower oil, and sweet almond oil works like magic and makes you feel like magic.  Sarah even says you can apply it on your face before bed as a mask if your skin is in need of a moisture surge. Skincare is something not to skimp on so even at the $30 price point I think this make-up remover is worth it.

If you are a purveyor of clean beauty you need this arsenal of products in your make up bag. If you are looking to break into the clean beauty world but are not ready to give up your cult favourites I urge you to give it a try! What will you try? Let me know!

*Wearing the Conceal + Correct, Pressed Mineral Foundation and the Lip Creme in Sugared Plum.

Want 15% off your Clove + Hallow purchase? Use code "gabriella15" at checkout on cloveandhallow.com!

Clove + Hallow | A Clean, Vegan Beauty Review (Lip Velvet, Make Up Melt, Correct + Conceal Clove + Hallow | A Clean, Vegan Beauty Review (Lip Velvet, Make Up Melt, Correct + Conceal Clove + Hallow | A Clean, Vegan Beauty Review (Lip Velvet, Make Up Melt, Correct + Conceal

Clove + Hallow gifted me these products to try out with no obligation to review. All opinions are my own.



  1. I love the lipcolors and the bag so much :-*

    Melanie / www.goldzeitblog.de

    1. Thanks Mel! You must try the lipsticks! They are so silky smooth.

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  3. Ok umm can we talk about how gorgeous these pictures turned out? Holy. You look gorgeous and I will have to try these products.

    Eleni xo

    1. Try them out! You would love the Lip Velvets! Such fun colours and they last so long.


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