November 17, 2017

How to Combine Colours- Bisous Blouse

Lips blouse, red beret, blue lemon bag paris, leopard coat, zara shoes, pombons

Red, pink and mauve... can it be worn all together? I'm here to tell you that it can! Especially when you blouse is packed with kisses in every colour. Most of us are so reluctant to pair red and pink together (I used to be) but it actually makes such a striking colour combination. It's different, bold and just plain fun. And to think I could have stopped at the boundary-breaking colour pairing, by why would I? I threw on my favourite leopard top coat and my barret for an even more playful vibe. Sometimes we get stuck in colour ruts and end up with a closet full of the same colour. Here are some tips to break the colour pairing boundaries: 

Don't marry an idea. 
Break away from your usual "go-to". Do you always wear black and pink together? Take a step back and think before you decide on your outfit and see your closet through another eye. Try mixing it up with grey and pink, or go bold with red! 

Seek out inspiration.
There are plenty of places to seek out new colour and pattern pairings. Don't get trapped by settling on Pinterest or magazines. Do you have a favourite vase that pairs orange, green and red together? I do, and just glancing at it has created some seriously fab wardrobe moments! Sometimes pieces we decorate our homes with or find while we are out and about spark the best of ideas, especially for our closet.

Trial and error.
Sometimes outfit ideas pop into my head and I get so excited that I can't rest until I try on the outfit, only to realize that the colours just don't work for me. And that's okay too. You don't have to love every colour together. You will probably never see me in orange pants and a yellow top. Not because I don't think it can be done, but because it's just isn't for me. But the point is I tried, right! Don't be shy to try out new combos and play around to see what works. 

Are there any unexpected colour combinations that you are eager to test out? Have you ever been let down when you actually tried it on? Leave me comments! 

W H A T  I ' M  W E A R I N G :
RW & CO blouse, Shein coat (similar), RW& CO pants (similar), Blue Lemon bag, H&M beret, Zara shoes, added Pombons

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :

Lips blouse, red beret, blue lemon bag paris, leopard coat, zara shoes, pombons

How to Colour Style Your Outfits

Lips blouse, red beret, blue lemon bag paris, leopard coat, zara shoes, pombons

Lips blouse, red beret, blue lemon bag paris, leopard coat, zara shoes, pombons



  1. The coat looks great and your shoes are eyecatching :-*

    Melanie /

  2. Sweetest blouse and shoes 💯

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