February 04, 2019

Glamorous Bridesmaids Dress Rentals in Toronto

renting bridesmaids dresses in Toronto at the fitzroy

When it came down to thinking about bridesmaids dresses, nothing interested me.  Everything I saw was the same. The same styles, the same chiffon fabric, the same colours, the same same same! I was having none of it. Plus, I do not want to have total control over what the ladies wear on this day. Why should my best friends have to be subject to a dress of my choosing? They should wear what makes them feel comfortable. All I knew is that I wanted for them to have fun with their dress-- the more sequins, the more shimmery, the more wild, the better! That is when dress rentals popped into my head, specifically The Fitzroy.  I have known the ladies of The Fitzroy Dress Rental for a few years now and have worn some of their stunning pieces. On my last visit to the studio, I was blown away by the glamorous options that had in their collection. Rachel Zoe, Self-Portrait, Reformation, Elle Zeitoune. I wanted to wear them all and just live in this magical dream closet The Fitzroy called home. Ta-da! My girlfriends could all choose a dress from the boutique to rent and feel like a princess for a day! It was a no-brainer. 

On one blustery January evening we all headed to The Fitzroy for an evening Carrie Bradshaw would be jealous. Angela and Julie are so accommodation and love to watch you find your perfect dress so they were so excited when I reached out regarding bridesmaids options. They are all about playing dress up with you, which makes the experience so much more fun!

The sweeties that they even stayed open after hours for us! They played girly movies on their projector, they popped a bottle of bubbly, served us treats and had fun with us while the girls made their selection. But, before we actually went to the studio there were a few steps I took in advance. 

If you're thinking to head to The Fitzroy for your glamorous bridesmaid's dress rentals, I suggest to do the following:

Step 1: Make sure the girls are open to renting. 
There are so many benefits to renting. Explain the following:
*it allows for more fun with the dress selection since they don't have to worry about "never wearing it again"
*you are being ethically responsible with consuming less and re-using more 
*the designer pieces which would normally be extremely expensive come at a fraction of the price to rent 

Step 2: Browse the website beforehand. 
I had already picked out a bunch of dresses from the website that fit my colour palette and mood board. Whatever you're looking for-- glam, gala, garden... you're going to want to have a theme to go off of so when you get there you are not overwhelmed with choices. I saved all the links to those dresses and sent them to the girls in advance so they would get an idea of my vision, and to make sure they were all comfortable with the idea of renting. They all loved the idea!

Step 3: Plan an outing. 
This is the fun part! The Fitzroy can help you make the day so special! Ideally, you want to go to the shop to try them on with everyone present. That way you can make sure no one gets duplicates dresses, and you can really envision them all together and see how they will flow together on the day of. When I got to the studio I told Angie and Julie exactly the styles I wanted to pull. They ended up pulling more dresses that fit that I totally overlooked!
*Make sure everyone brings a pair of shoes with a height they will likely be wearing on the day of since you cannot alter the dresses. 

Step 4: Book the rentals and take a deep breath. 
Yay! Wasn't that easy? Once you secure your rental your set. Renting bridesmaids dresses is such an amazing alternative to buying dresses. A few of the girls didn't find a dress that works for them, but that's okay, too! Now they all know the look we're going for, and the colours that are "taken" so to speak. Plus, it was a super fun reason to get together,  have a glass and play dress up!

Would you consider dress renting for your next occassion? I'm already trying to decide on my shower dress... 
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  1. You have me considering renting dress! Another awesome blog, Gabriella!

    1. Such a great way to re-use clothes and buy less!

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