March 04, 2019

Pixi Beauty Spring Skincare Collections

pixi beauty vitamin c, collagen and hydrating milky collection

Pixi Beauty just released major newness for spring and here is everything you need to know about the Vitamin C, Hydrating Milky, and Collagen collections. 

pixi beauty hydrating milky, vitaminc c, collagen

As you guys know, I've been a die-hard Pixi Beauty lover for years. I am just obsessed with the whole brand. They create skin-loving products that are cruelty-free, free of harsh chemicals and are packed with botanicals to enhance your natural radiant skin! The whole aesthetic is so on brand for me. Glow, radiance, natural beauty...could it be any more Pastels & Pastries perfect? Also, just look at the packaging. They are being so innovative right now and releasing SO many products that I don't know where to start. They've launched face masks, eye pads, body peels, and smoothing oils. UGH, I KNOW! Don't you want it all?

Last week I sat down with global make-up artist, Amanda Bell, to discuss all the Pixi Beauty launches. She was fresh off a plane from London where she covered The Brit Awards and then in Milan for Fashion Week. I got the inside scoop and I can't wait to share which Pixi launches I am most excited about.

There are three collections I want to focus on... the new Vitamin C line, the Hydrating Milky line, and the Collagen-infused line. You're probably thinking they all sound amazing, but which one will work best for me? I got you, girl!

pixi beauty glow tonic serum

Vitamin C collection:
Are you in need of brightening? Do you have hyperpigmentation, discoloration or sunspots? Does your skin look dull or just blah? The vitamin C products are here to help! Formulated with powerful antioxidants and acids (hello ferulic acid aka my fave!), the products will bring out your true radiance promoting a brighter and youthful complexion. Love it already. Some of my favourites from this line are the Vitamin-C Caviar Balm. I lather it on before bed as an overnight mask, and wake up with the bright, and plump skin. Not to mention silky soft! Also, the Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser is packed with the same antioxidants but its purpose is to cleanse your skin. You can apply with a cotton pad and there is no need to rinse off. Perfect for those late, lazy nights! Like the one I had this weekend... Here's looking at you, vodka-soda.

Hydrating Milky collection:
Is the harsh winter getting the best of you? Is your skin dry, red or lacking in hydration? I FEEL YOU. Go away winter! But in all seriousness, if your skin is dry, blotchy and in need of soothing you will want to go for Pixi's Hydrating Milky products. Try the Hydrating Milky Tonic as your toner to really sooth and balance the skin. It has oat extract so you know it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Bonus-- it's alcohol-free!
**Okay if we are talking red, inflamed skin I need to shout out the new pHenomenal Gel. It's a moisture gel that instantly calms redness and evens out your skin tone. I am obsessed with this right now and have been using it after my serum, just before moisturizer. It has aloe vera, which is so calming on the skin!

Collagen collection:
Are you noticing wrinkles, fine lines and need to inject some plumpness back into your skin? Then these products are your jam. You don't need to have "aging" skin to use these, but they are youth preserving. What to use specifically? The Collagen & Retinol Serum might be your go-to (use on cleansed skin before moisturizer). It's packed with collagen and retinol so you'll be sure to get some bright, plump skin going on. If you didn't know-- you ALWAYS want to use SPF when you are using a product with retinol. Retinol will help scrub away dead skin cells so you'll want to protect all the new skin cells. That's what makes this serum a knock-out. It's double duty!

New Pixi Beauty Collagen Mask

Pixi Beauty Spring collection rose quartz soothing oil

pixi beauty hydrating milky cleanser

One more product I am super excited about?! It's not from either of these lines, but it's a new one... the On-The-Glow Stick! I just know it's going to be the perfect travel companion. It looks like a deodorant stick, but is multi-purpose and can be used on face, lips and the body. Swipe it onto the skin for moisture and a serious glow-up! Amanda's pro tip: apply on your cheekbones for an instant highlight effect. This weekend I applied it on my collarbones for a little sultry glow! The light reflects on it so beautifully without any sparkle.

I hope this was a great breakdown of Pixi Beauty's new launches, and it really helps you decipher the best line for your skin concerns. If you have specific questions, let me know! I am here to help!

And you can find most Pixi Beauty products at Shopper's Drug Mart!

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New Pixi Beauty On-The-Glow Stick



  1. I adore everything Pixie 🧚‍♀️ The quality, the scent, the results 💞

    1. Me too! Especially their focus on cruelty-free initiatives, too!

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