August 31, 2013

Back To School

How is it this time of the year already?! I feel as though I have barely had any time to enjoy being graduated, and I am already jumping back into the swing of things. This year I am starting a new program at a new school, so mixed with excitement are those unavoidable nerves. My back to school shopping list no longer includes washable markers and coloured duo-tangs, but I am still looking forward to making the trek to get some of the essentials below. 
1. J Crew- Double Cloth Moto Jacket: Perfect pastel piece that provides not only a comfy jacket for long classes, but also gives off an edgy vibe.
2. Cambridge Satchel: Great alternative to heavy back packs, and it's a great size!
3. Poppin- Desk Accessories: I am actually obsessed with the Poppin organization line (especially the aqua set)! You can choose from a variety of colours. 
4. Mugs: This goes without saying, but mugs are essential for back to school. And the bigger the better! I am loving these two in particular. 
5. Going abroad this term? Why not take these with you (instead of 4 & 7)
6. Kate Spade- Catcher Flats: Comfortable flats are essential for walking around campus. 
7. Journals: Again goes without saying, books and school go hand in hand. 
8. The Doom Room Diet by Daphne Oz: Where was this four years ago?!
9. Classic Votive Candle: Candles are great to spruce up any drab room. 
10. Pencils: Keep in check with these persuasive pencils. 
11. Kate Spade- Make Up Bag: Makes going home easier.  

Is there anything you cannot possibly start school without having?



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