August 29, 2013

Top 5 Summer Moments

Once I finished school, I thought I would have more free time to do as I please. Boy was I wrong! I may not have had mandatory readings to do and essays to write, but this summer I worked my first 9-5 job, and after adding on an hour commute (each way), I felt the weeks just slipping away. Not to mention trying to balance time to see friends and family felt as though I was working another job in itself! That being said, I still did manage to have some wonderful adventures and moments that I will never forget. So here they are, my top five favourites moments of summer 2013. 
I know what you're thinking! One of my favourites moments from this summer was really spent eating cake? But yes, this year's birthday cake (made by my fabulous mother) was so amazing that my mouth waters just thinking of it! Maybe it was because last year we were away on my birthday, and the slice of restaurant cake was not exactly extraordinary, or maybe it was because she put so much heart and soul into the cake. As you know, chocolate chip cookie dough is my weakness, and this baby had it all over! Best birthday cake ever!

As you saw with all my planning here, that busy June weekend where I hosted a Champagne Birthday Party and my Graduation Gathering, was such a special weekend. On the Saturday night we celebrated, Gatsby style, for my boyfriend's birthday, and on the Sunday I was showered with love from all my family and friends. It was such a wonderful, heartwarming weekend and one that I will always remember. 
If you already know me you'll know that I love live music! So, when Mumford and Sons announced their Gentlemen of the Road Tour- Simcoe Stopover, I knew I had to go (despite the fact that camping was necessary and I haven't camped since Girl Guides). I went with some friends from school and it was the most amazing weekend! We arrived after a long drive on Friday and by the time we set up our tent we were only able to catch Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes play. We woke up early on Saturday and went into town, which was completely gentlemen-ified. It was amazing to see how the whole town embraced the 2-day festival. The streets were closed, there was moustaches and top hats everywhere, and all the local people had volunteered to help out. By Saturday night we were ready to see Mumford and made our way through the 35,000 person crowd to get to the front. We had the most amazing view and the music was incredible, just as I anticipated. 
Before I started my internship I was able to get away to Central America for a quick trip. It was an amazing time filled with adventure, beautiful scenery, and ultimate relaxation. We learned so much about the region and the local people were so kind. There is still so much more I would love to have seen in that region, and just thinking about it is making my desire to travel grow! Hmmm.. where to next?
If you would like, you can read more about my time in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
Lastly, I have never felt so proud, excited, nervous, liberated and invincible as I did on my graduation day. It was such an amazing moment and definitely it has become my most memorable day of summer.
**This post may be premature, seeing as I have pretty exciting long weekend plans, however I felt as though a post was long overdue! 

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