May 16, 2015

As Of Late

Life has been progressing at super sonic speeds as of late. If you follow me on Instagram you would like likely seen a sneak peak into floral filled, and rather colourful activities. What exactly are you looking at? I'll fill you in. A morning spent turning my cookie dough "Lara Bars" in balls, a delicious lunch with my momma at Humble Beginnings watermelon margaritas for an impromptu girls night, card shopping at The Paper Place, our blooming Magnolia tree, cupcake decorating at Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts, and lastly, something that I am extremely proud of, the medal I received after completing the Sporting Life 10KM run last weekend! Thanks for sticking around, and be sure to check back in next week for a collab I am working on with a pretty amazing brand! 



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