May 20, 2015

Tips For a Better Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is something I seriously value. A few months back I was going through a phase where I was unable to get a solid night's sleep and my livelihood was becoming seriously disrupted. I would wake up a few times throughout the night, be up for the morning around 4:30am, and go to work exhausted. I have since gotten back on track and have learned how to encourage my body to sleep better and fight against strange waking patterns. Here are a few of my tips for a better sleep:

1. No eating after 7:30/8, especially foods high in sugar. I'll admit- on weekends I rarely stay true to this rule, but on weeknights I have come to the realization that if I have sugar so close to bed time I am unable to fall asleep within a reasonable time-frame, or alternatively, I'll wake up with a face paced beating heart. 

2. Keep the phone off your nightstand. It's so easy to roll over and check your phone while you are in the falling asleep phase, or tossing and turning phase. Sometimes I'll see things that rev me up, or just the light in general catches my eye. Try keeping electronics a few extra feet away from the bed for a proper nights sleep.

3. Relax with a warm bubble bath, a tea and some light stretching. If I have too much energy before bed I'll make a soothing tea and fill the bath tub with some of my Perk Naturals Lavender and Lemon body scrub. It's relaxing and signals my body that it's time to wind down. Just before you get into bed do a few easy stretches and deep breathing exercises. It actually works!

4. Clear your head by reading a chapter of a book (and not on a black-lit device!). It sometimes can help to wind down your busy mind by lighting a candle and reading a chapter or two of a book. Just avoid the suspenseful books that suck you in for hours on end!

5. De-clutter and organize. Spend a few minutes de-cluttering your room and put away any clothes that may be lying around. I find it does help to know you are in a tidy environment. I also try to have my breakfast prepared (overnight oats, duh!), along with my lunch, and I try to lay out my clothes for the next day. I don't go to bed stressing about what to wear or eat the next day and that is just one less thing to rack your brain over while trying to fall asleep!

I hope these help! Do you have any tried and true remedies for sleeplessness?



  1. Just love your suggestions and reminders xox A wee nip of wine helps too .

    1. Haha! How could I forget about wine... Definitely helps!

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