October 07, 2016

How to Decorate the Home for Fall

Pastels & Pastries- How to Decorate the Home for Fall, candles, sofas, outdoors in, fall books

Ever since moving into the new place I have been on the hunt for the perfect pieces to complement the home and both Brandon and mine's taste pallets. Sometimes it's a no-brainer and the pieces just scream "us",  but it's also been a bit of a struggle at times. Trying to find the "perfect" piece, when in reality there never will be a "perfect" piece. I am always thinking "oh, what if I find something I like more", and end up regretting not buying the item in the first place. I've been coming to terms with the fact that I need to be less hard on the decisions I make regarding decor. After all, it's who I share the home with that matters. Not whether or not the books on the shelf are colour coordinated.

Pastels & Pastries- How to Decorate the Home for Fall, candles, sofas, outdoors in, fall books

One thing I've been focusing on is making the house more "homey". Little knickknacks and photos make all the difference, and just looking up at our new bookshelf makes me smile. Fall is the perfect time to incorporate more warm, homey pieces into your decor, especially since it's the season for cuddling on the couch with a cup of tea, some thrilling books, and over-sized blankets. I love switching up decor for the seasons and right now I am all about incorporating more design elements to really give off these warm, cozy feelings of fall. Here's a few tips on how to really up the autumn at home.

Pastels & Pastries- How to Decorate the Home for Fall, candles, sofas, outdoors in, fall books

1. Change up the scent. Candles are some of my favourite decorating pieces. They are beautiful to look at when placed in clusters, and can really make you feel luxurious with their scents. I recently stocked up on some white pillar candles from IKEA and have been placing them in groups on the dining table, atop the mantle and on shelves. They give off such moody and warm feelings that just make you want to get cozy! Also, try switching out the summery fruit and floral fragrances for more moody scents like wild fig, spiced cinnamon, or woods. It really sets the tone for a cozy night in, all you need to add is a glass of wine. I'm obsessed with this one right now.

2. Bring the outdoors in. The natural elements of autumn make perfect decorating items, and I love that you can scour all these pieces on the cheap or for free! Go for a walk and bring a bag with you. Stock up on branches, leaves, pine cones, wooden pieces, and anything else that sparks your imagination. I've been filling jars with crab apples for the dining table, filling vases with real wheat and branches, and placing little white pumpkins around the house. Bringing the harvest in from the outdoors adds such a nice rustic and natural touch to the home for fall.

Pastels & Pastries- How to Decorate the Home for Fall, candles, sofas, outdoors in, fall books

3. DIY. You don't need to break the bank to incorporate fall into your decorations for fall. A simple piece of lace from Value Village glued over a pumpkin makes all the difference. Or, did you catch my latest DIY I posted to Snapchat (username: @gabpacifico)? Take a few glass jars and tape some burlap, or wrap some rope around the sides. They make perfect candlestick holders!

Pastels & Pastries- How to Decorate the Home for Fall, candles, sofas, outdoors in, fall books

4. Accent switch up. Light throws are getting put away, and large cable knit blankets and faux fur pillows and throws are getting placed on the couch for warmth and a nice added touch of fall decor. Tribal patterns, plaid and autumnal colours are also all great additions. The sofa really is the focal point of any room so you want it to be inviting, appealing and most importantly comfortable! I've been getting a few inquires about where I got my neutral sectional sofa, and I recently discovered a site that is just full of them! Check out these stunning sectional sofas from Arhaus (I can't get enough of this pink one)!

I'd love to see and hear how you decorate the home for autumn! Let me know!

**Side note: currently reading "Beware That Girl" by Theresa Toten. So Gossip Girl meets Gone Girl right now. Social climbing, Upper East Side and a dark past. I'll keep you posted!

Pastels & Pastries- How to Decorate the Home for Fall, candles, sofas, outdoors in, fall books



  1. It really looks like the new place is coming together. It's all about those fun, cute personal touches! You must be having so much fun getting everything ready :)

    Something About That

    1. Thanks, Jackie! I'm definitely having a lot of fun decorating but it takes time that's for sure!
      xx Gabriella

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