January 03, 2018

3 Ps for 2018

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Twenty seventeen was a pretty intense year for me. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, it was filled with extreme loss of self, denial, shame, and death.

Heavy right?! Well, I must say it was also an amazing time for self-discovery, balance/wellness seeking, and love.

The end of 2017 was much more positive for me. Thank gosh! Heck, we traveled to Europe and got engaged so I'd say that was pretty monumental! But it's safe to say I have serious hopes for 2018. I want excitement, spontaneity, and fun. I want to travel, grow (both professionally and personally), and embrace new experiences. Resolutions don't do it for me. Do you really need resolving? No way. You are strong, capable and powerful. And you can be the best version of yourself by setting goals and intentions for the year without putting negative pressure on yourself. I totally stole these 3 Ps from the ultimate boss babes around, the girls from Tone It Up. They are so positive and inspirational and I love following them and their wellness tips! So I couldn't help to not share them with you, but by adding my own insight, of course!

This year I am focusing on 3 Ps:

I want to embrace purpose. I want this blog to have a purpose. Sometimes we get carried away with just sharing our own snapshots that we forget how we can help and inspire others. In 2017 I made it a goal to share with purpose. That meant for my blog posts to give more insight and value, and that is something I vow to continue to do so that it may inspire you constantly. I started sharing ways to inject the topic I was discussing into your own life and I think it's such a powerful tool to do. Also, one huge accomplishment for me was launching my newsletter to generate more purpose. To give tips and tricks and share my findings through another means. I don't plan to stop!

Sometimes I can be pretty negative. We all can. But I know that I have a tendency to fixate on this from time to time. Constantly reminding myself (literally-- I mean speaking to myself) to change my thoughts/outlook and focus on the silver lining has been so helpful for me. Self-talk and self-care have huge powers.

It's time to follow my dreams! I get so excited by possibilities but sometimes have a hard time carrying them out. I have to say... when I do, it's like a surge of joy, energy, and renewal! This year I am going to focus more on my passions and not feel guilty for it. In other words: "you do you"!

So now you tell me. I let you in on some of my inner thoughts but I want to hear yours. What are your intentions  and goals for 2018?



  1. I love your 3 P's! i can too get trapped in a cycle of negativity that leaves me feeling unneccessarily low. For 2018, I'm going sober. I've had trouble with how I act when I'm drunk recently and I absolutely hate feeling out of control. So I'm quitting!

    Abigail Alice x

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Abigail! Just putting it out there is already amazing and so inspiring. We all need a little more positivity, too.xx gab


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