May 07, 2018

How To Let it Out

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We've all been there. Sitting with a nervous, anxious feeling in your gut. Uncertain, worried, or even scared. So what do we do with these feelings? Bottling them up most definitely isn't productive because they always seem to come back with a vengeance. They seep into other aspects of your life and before you know it you have no control over where the anger, resentment or confusion is coming from and you lash out. Am I totally alone in this? I can't be... Getting dark? I promise there's a silver lining!

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Sometimes these feelings get really strong and we need an outlet. A way to relieve the feelings in a safe way that is sure to not blow up in our faces. But how? I'm sure we all have our vices or ways to relieve the stress, but there are a few that I find particularly helpful. These are 4 to be exact. If one doesn't work out I just move on to the next and hope for the best. I wanted to share them in the case that you may need to call on them someday. Most importantly we need to remember that it's okay to have these moments. They are not moments of weakness. They are making us stronger with each passing moment. We can get through them and we will. What works for you? Are you hoarding any tiny miracle workers? I want to know!

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1. Talk it out. You may find ease in speaking to others about what's going on, especially if it's concerning or involving them in any way. Even if it doesn't concern them at all just chatting it out with someone can help loads. It can help you feel at ease and find an alternate perspective. It can also get you away from your ruminating thoughts. You know the ones... They spiral and lead you down a miserable hole of darkness! Gotta get out of it! Surround yourself with positive people and the positivity will spread! Sometimes I find opening up to people I normally wouldn't to be extremely helpful. People are a lot kinder than you may think, sometimes we need to have more faith in trusting others.

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2. Talk to yourself. Did talking it out with someone work for you? If you couldn't do it or found it too difficult you can always talk to yourself. You guys know how therapeutic I find journalling. You can rant and rant and no one needs to hear your thoughts. It is just for you. Be as vulnerable, raw and real as you can. Let your inner feelings out and give them a space to stay, that is separate from you. It may feel weird at first but it gets so much easier. I recently started journaling every morning and found it to be healing and self-soothing. You don't need to do it every day, just keep this tool in your box for whenever you need to get something out.

3. Take a moment.  Think about why you are feeling this way and what may have caused these feelings. There is usually an underlying issue you may be avoiding dealing with. But really take a moment and find out where you feel it in your body. Is it in your throat? Does it feel like it's closing? Is it in your heart? Does it feel like it's sinking? Try and breath through the feeling and talk to it. Recognize that it's there and sooth it.  Talk it out and tell the feeling you are safe, you are okay, and you will get through it. Talking to the feelings can be calming, soothing and can actually help in the moment!

4. Tap into your creativity. What do you love to do? Is it blogging, painting, drawing, colouring, ax throwing? Find it and do it, even if it is ridiculous. Even if you don't know what it could be, try out as many things as you can until one works. Try tapping into your emotions while doing these things. Colouring and painting are all calming and therapeutic! Sometimes I find I can get lost in different crafts and activities and the anxious feelings calm down and lessen in strength.

Learning to identify and express emotions can be so hard. But you will definitely feel a stronger sense of self if you can manage to get a little bit of it out and understand what's causing the reaction. You do not want to hide or cover up the emotions, even if they are negative. They always seem to show themselves at some point in a way we don't necessarily want.

Now it's your turn to share... give me the goods!

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  1. The jumpsuit looks awesome! I love your mules. They are stunning :-*

    Melanie /

  2. Agree with your strategies. I like to journal and spend time being mindful.

    You know this x

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