October 17, 2018

5 Fashion Pieces You Need For Fall

How to Style a Teddy Coat for Fall and other fall wardrobe staples

Do you love fall? So much newness on the horizon, right?! You really can feel the sense of revival in the air. It's refreshing to whip out some of those cozy, comfy pieces that have made their way to the back of the closet during the summer. I'm looking at you leopard faux fur overcoat! Over the past few years, I've started to invest in key pieces-- less is more. This is easier to do in fall since I tend to gravitate back to grounding, earthy tones, and more neutrals. It makes maintaining a capsule wardrobe much more attainable! If you're doing a closet purge or investing in some new staples, here are my top 5 pieces you need in your wardrobe for fall.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe, 5 fashion pieces you need for fall, gabpacifico fall style

1. Dark Denim --Switching out the white and light for dark and grungy styles. I tend to do this every year come fall. Dark denim goes with anything, you can dress it up with a pair of heels and a blouse, dress it down with a loose t-shirt, or go casual with a knit sweater for an afternoon at the apple orchard. It doesn't matter what the occasion, darker denim is a sure bet. I like a bit of a wash in the thigh area to spice things up!

Fall Capsule Wardrobe, 5 fashion pieces you need for fall, gabpacifico fall style

2. Teddy Coat - If you've tried to resist the teddy coat and have had no luck, raise your hand. I know... there is just something about them. The warmth, the feeling of comfort, the oversized nature of the piece. It's a must-have, and the fact that I'm on my second teddy coat just proves they are here to stay. My first one was so utterly cozy, I just wish I didn't run it into the ground! I scored this one online (shop the coat), which I love because it has a different shape than my previous style, has a straight collar, and a zipper. I went with the classic cognac colour as it pairs well with black, white and denim, but there are some adorable black ones, and I've seen red if you're feeling frisky!

Fall Capsule Wardrobe, 5 fashion pieces you need for fall, gabpacifico fall style, style a teddy coat

3. Black Thick Frame Sunglasses-- Every. dang. year. It's like clockwork, and I didn't even realize until now. In May I tend to put away my classic black Celine Catty sunglasses, and every September (just in time for my annual New York trip), I pull them back out. There is something so chic, so classic and so mysterious about a thick-framed black sunglass. I've had my Celine's for years. Completely worth the investment and I never go a fall without them. They elevate any outfit instantly. Seriously... I can be wearing my tights post workout and look like I'm going places! Just think Kim K walking off the plane at LAX.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe, 5 fashion pieces you need for fall, gabpacifico fall style

4. Black Booties -- Is there anything more quintessentially fall? I didn't think so. You need a pair of booties for the season. Okay, they don't have to be black, it's just what I prefer! In all honesty, I pair them with the leftover summer pieces in my closet, be it a mini skirt, a shift dress, or even a midi skirt. Then we have all the outfit possibilities with the trousers, denim, and dresses. It's time to put away the flippy floppies. Pairing your summer pieces with a pair of booties really extends the shelf life! Summer florals look great with some darker accessories and the footwear can really tie the whole look to the season.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe, 5 fashion pieces you need for fall, gabpacifico fall style

5. Earth Tones -- You don't have to out an buy a 2 piece mustard set, with an army green overcoat here. I just mean incorporating some of the tones into your wardrobe ever so slightly to set the tone. I love doing this subtly since I am not really an earthy tone lover. I'll add in a mustard tank here, or a deep purple lip there. You can do this with accessories such as scarves, or bags, too. Don't be afraid to tap into some new colour ideas, while maintaining some of your favorites. I've been doing this gradually! I.e. a mustard skirt (that is still floral!), a burnt orange jumpsuit, you get my drift!

What's your fall style like? Do you have any pieces that make a comeback every year?

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  1. That teddy coat!! It is so cute and definitely a closet staple :)

    - Jackie from Something About That

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