October 04, 2018

NYC Eats & How to Travel With Foodies

Cha CHa Matcha Pink Drink and Matcha Tea Lattee in NYC 2018

Brandon and I both love a good dining experience. Whether it’s the Deux Moulins in Montmartre or a taco stand on the North Shore, we get it done. When it comes to traveling we both love to do the research and hit up some wicked places, not only for the food but for the whole experience. But, I have to say our taste in food can be polar oppositions at times. While he loves a good quality cut of steak, I’d be happy with a do it yourself salad bar with fresh ingreds. And when it comes to travel eats you are also under a strict time constraint. You could be choosing two lunches and two dinners, max. Then you need to decide on all the coffee, pastries, ice cream...it could really never end! So, how can it be done? How can you hit up your favourite spots in one trip, without the other person hating on you for dragging them to Your Butcher’s Daughter for the billionth time? You can most definitely save yourself the foodie fight, and here’s how. 

How To Travel with Foodies, Marinara Pizza NYC, best cauliflower crust pizza in NYC
{Marinara Pizzeria on the Upper East Side-- I got the cauliflower crust, while B got the original}

1. Don’t make separate lists. 
If you make a list on your own you’re sure to set up an argument. Foodies are passionate about where they eat, so having an ok meal on a trip when you are limited in time is not going to sit well. If I made a list of all the delish (to me), healthy places in NYC and told B I had our dining covered, he would despise me for the whole trip! You can definitely take note of some places you're excited to try but do not make a definite list based on your own preference. 

How to Travel with Foodies, Tacos of NYC
{Los Tacos No.1 in Chelsea Market}

2. Do your research together and come up with a list of mutually agreed upon places. 
This is something we did together and it worked so well! We both sat at the computer and since Brandon is more visual we watched YouTube videos for the best rooftop bars in NYC or the best restaurants pf summer 2018. It helps when you both can see them on screen together and can decide which ones you both are loving. Once we chose a few we looked into the menus to ensure we’d both be happy. We both knew we needed tacos from Los Tacos No.1 in the Chelsea Market, so this was an easy meal. The tacos were easily some of the BEST we ever had. 

how to travel with Foodies in NYC_ babbos
{We both heard amazing things of Babbo's (Mario Batali's restaurant in Greenwich). When we saw the menu spoke to both of us it was a no-brainer!}

Tip- make a list of places by area so you’re never forced to make a decision on the fly. I do this so I know if whether we’re in The Meatpacking or Upper East Side, we’re covered.

Berry Eclair from Almondine Bakery in Brooklyn How to Travel with Foodies
{Berry Eclair from Almondine Bakery in Brooklyn}

3. Give your travel partner one non-negotiable and accept it. 
You gotta give in. Relationships are all about compromise right? There is no winner in the battle of the foodies. Allow your travel partner one place they are just dying to try out. Sometimes you may actually love it! The last time I brought B to a vegan resto he ended up loving it! So you hate where they’ve chosen? Do not be sour. Remember they are doing this for you, too! Appreciate the experience for what it is. Even if it’s a cheese museum and you hate cheese. Haha—no... but imagine Brandon brought me to a cheese museum!?! I’d die. In all seriousness, embrace the situation and do it with a smile. If you show an ounce of discomfort it will likely ruin their whole experience. Show up in full. 

How to compromise food with traveling and how to travel with a food lover. We had the guac burger from ByChloe and Joe's Pizza
{Guacamole burger from By Chloe for me, and a slice of Joe's Pizza in Greenwich for B}

4. If it’s possible, do a combo. 
This works sometimes! Do you have a “fast foodie” place you want to check out? Or a food fest that will host multiple trucks? For example, in the Chelsea Market, there are loads of different food vendors. If you both can satisfy your foodie cravings in one meal, but not necessarily have the same thing, go for it! Take it away and have a picnic in the park. Or research two spots semi close to each other where you both can get your fix. We did this while wandering around Greenwich. I wanted me obligatory stop in By Chloe's for the guac burger, and B wanted a slice of Joe's famous pizza. We both got what we wanted (take away for both), and headed to the park to eat. 

Library Hotel's Wine and Cheese Reception from 5-8 PM, How to travel with a foodie

5. Realize there is always next time. 
Yup. There’s always next time. Or the next city, with the next best restaurant. Don’t let yourself get down that you didn’t visit all your spots. Just be glad you got a few crossed off your list. 

Was this helpful? How do you guys make it through traveling with other foodies? 
5 tips for travelling with a food lover- Ralphs' Coffee Truck in Rockefeller Centre- NYC travel eats fall 2018
{Ralph's coffee truck in Rockefeller Centre}



  1. Very hepful. I agree compromise is a must. Luckily (or not) Randy and I enjoy food immensely <3 Happy thanks giving Gabriella!!! Hugs to you Brandon and family xoxox

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