January 15, 2019

How to Change Your Hairstyle Without Cutting It

3 ways to change your hairstyle without cutting it

One of my 2019 goals is to change up my hairstyles. I know what you're thinking... aren't goals suppose to be more related to personal development? Yes, sure. But why not have smaller, easy to attain actions plans, too?  I've just been getting bored with my hairstyle and I feel kind of empowered when I had a new hairdo. Like I'm a spy or something! Just me? Anyways, today I'm sharing three easy ways to spice up your hair without going drastic and pulling a Britney. You could always shave your head, but I'm not there... not yet anyway (lol). I'm just looking for easy tools to fall back on when I'm feeling rather blah in the hair department. By the way, not mentioned here is the wearing of hats as they cover your hair. It's always fun to put on a toque or a wide brim hat, so try that out if you'd like too!

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But here are some easy ways to change up your hairstyle without cutting it. 

blogger hairhacks to try this winter

1. Bands, scarves, ribbons
Lately, I've been loving the look of something just at the front of my forehead (seen here). It takes a bit of getting used to in my opinion if you're not too comfortable with wearing something on your hair, but once you play around and find how it works for you, you will not look back. Try wearing the bands of the hairband behind your ears, does that work for you? If not, what about on top of your ears? I've recently become obsessed with velvet and satin hair accessories. Anthro has some insane styles right now. When I saw this mock turban I was sold. The colour is perfectly periwinkle and I love that it's actually attached to a band, so you don't need to play around for 10 minutes tieing it together. There is no way you can mess it up and you instantly feel put together. Legit-- I need this one.

changing up the hair styles for winter

2. Barrettes
Sometimes just adding a simple pin to your front strands is all it takes to elevate an outfit. Try gluing gemstones or pearls to bobby pins (or just pick some up that are already made at stores like Ardens, Anthropologie, etc), and add one or two parallel to one another. It's such a cute way to dress up any outfit and makes you instantly feel and look polished.

blogger gabpacifico shares 3 ways to change your hairstyle without cutting it

3. Do the opposite
On any given day it's pretty much guaranteed that my hair will be done in loose waves. That's why it's so striking when I wear my hair completely straight. Everyone asks if I got a haircut, or acknowledges how great my hair looks because it's something completely out of the norm! Plus, I really feel like a different woman with pin straight hair. Makes me feel mysterious! On New Year's Eve, I wore my hair straight and it was so fun to change it up, and it made me question why I don't do it more often. Sometimes just doing something a little different (like wearing it up if you always wear it down, or try a different ponytail height) can create all the drama in the best way.

How do you spice up your hair when you get bored of styling the same way day in and day out? Will you try out any of these?



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  2. I've always loved your hair, Gabriella. The loose waves are so pretty on you, and I love how you've changed it up a bit here. (Love LOVE the barrette!) xo

  3. I love all 3 ideas,but especially like the pic of you with the band at the front of your forehead. Gorgeous!

    1. I am loving hairbands! Such a cute was to spice it up!

  4. You are on track girl! Your day will be spectacular 💫 And that is one vintage Holts barrette 💞

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