January 20, 2019

Number One Wedding Planning Tip to Relieve Stress

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The dress has been chosen, the photographer has been secured, and even the cake design is in the works. Right now I feel pretty good about what we have accomplished in the wedding planning department. We gave ourselves lots of time to plan the wedding so it has been nice having the time to enjoy it and go relatively slow. In order to enjoy the process, we booked three things right off the bat.

2. Photographer
3. Music (band)

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To me, location and food, music and someone who can capture the day with our vision were all non-negotiables. I did not want to have to settle on either of those things. I've said it so many times, picking a venue is your first step as you need to finalize the date before the bookings can begin. Once we did that the big-ticket items came next. One thing I would have added to this list was to start sourcing out hair and make-up early on. I was shocked to see how far in advance my desirables were booked. I mean there was still plenty of options, but I had to make a fast decision. So just an FYI to add that to your biggies! 
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But moving on... we’re getting down to it, people. We’re less than eight months away! AH- just saying that out loud is a bit frightening/exciting! Lately, my thoughts are surrounding accessories, the shower, the honeymoon and the overall set up of the day. And I still have the stress over the little to-dos like invitations and favours. I know it will all get done but sometimes the panic does creep up! 

Now that the countdown is on I’m going to be tackling the remainder of the tasks very strategically.  I know this tip may seem small, but it's been huge for relieving anxiety and stress (and those minor moments of panic)! 

wedluxe magazine spring 2019 Here is my number one wedding planning tip to relieve stress:

Each week I am creating a list of a few simple tasks to accomplish. I know that if I create an overall list with everything on it, it will be far too overwhelming and nothing will get done. So I’m starting small. For example, Monday’s tasks include: reach out to jewelry designer, figure out the gift registry and contact hotel for transportation recommendations. Midway through the week, I will see how far I’ve come in figuring these details out then I will create new tasks with deadlines or finalize the unfinished ones. It's important not to move on from a task and have so many on the go because they end up getting pushed aside and delayed. I've noticed that in doing this I can cross more off my list and ultimately get more done! 

I can't wait to share more details soon! Are you following along on the "GB WED" highlights tab on my Instagram? There are many updates that go up there weekly. Keep checking! 

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Now share your tips below!


  1. Love your passion for planning, Gabrielle. It sounds like your special day is shaping up nicely.

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