June 18, 2019

London and Amsterdam Outfit Diary

bloggers fashion guide to london and amsterdam
I was itching to get back to Europe. It had just been TOO long. When my girlfriend and I actually discussed the idea, we didn't think it would happen... until we looked at each other and our eyes light up... "LET'S DO IT!".

Traveling to Europe with a carry on sized bag is never an easy task. Especially when you love taking photos, showcasing your outfits and sharing content. But girl's gotta travel light if she wants to be efficient! I mean-- I was taking planes, trams and walking my behind all over so it was just not an option to travel with a large suitcase. So I packed the essentials. A few pieces to really mix and match my ensembles and make it seem like I had more to work with. I think it worked out pretty well, plus I still had room to bring home two pairs of shoes from Primark and a new satin pink skirt! I was smitten.

Here's how I worked my wardrobe to maximize my outfits:

I brought 4 pairs of pants with me; a pink pair, a white pair, a pair of mustard culottes and a pair of jeans. I wore them all at least twice each! This may seem like a lot, but since they are all very thin wide leg style they rolled so well in my carry on and took up no space! The thickest pair of pants, my comfy jeans, I wore on the plane and on the colder days in London. They were great to pair with a tank top and also my sweater. It's just practical to bring a pair of jeans while travelling since they are so versatile. I find darker jeans to be best for travels as they are super easy to make look fancy with some accessories! The pants I mixed and matched with my tops all week.
bloggers fashion guide to london and amsterdam

I brought all the basics, all neutrals and all thin piece which were perfect for layering. A knit white tank, a fine black tank, and a pink crop top. Each top could be worn with each pair of pants so my outfits literally doubled. I stuffed them my rattan bag in my suitcase so once again they took up no space! Very effective! I ended up picking up a leopard crop top which was once again SO thin that I knew it would take up no space when rolled.
how to style pink pants in london and amsterdam

I wore one sweater on the plane and ended up getting SO much wear out of it, since it was chilly when we would leave in the early morning on our adventures. It was pink (naturally), and once again could be paired with white, more pink, yellow and of course, the denim jeans.
fashion blogger in london and amsterdam
I brought my jean jacket in my suitcase and wore my leather jacket on the flight. Having two options was great as it allowed me to switch up my looks from day to night and make my outfits edgier.
London fashion blogger outside Wyndham hotel

I had to bring some fun pieces! A little leopard dress, my Gucci bag (which stayed with me in my carry on all flight), and a fun dotted jumpsuit. On my travels, I picked up the satin long skirt which was literally 9 pounds, so I HAD to jump on it!

Pink fashion blogger at peggy porschen in London

Here's where I go a bit fun! Big earrings, hair clips, rings, and chain necklaces. They really change up the look of an outfit and are so easy to add a touch of glamour or grunge to any look. As much as I wanted to bring all the clutches and bags, I brought two-- my pink GG and a rattan bag. Both large enough to fit phone, wallet and my lippies. I always had hand wipes in my bags, and my watermelon face mist. Pro tip-- stuffing your bags with your tank tops is a great way to save space!

Tour of Notting Hill's pink houses in London

I love a simple white sneaker while travelling. They are so versatile, and go with everything! Not to mention they are so comfortable to walk endless miles in. I wore my white Keds on the flight and with a few looks. It's so essential to bring a few options because you never know how your feet will respond to walking for hours in one pair. I brought a pair of black slides as well and ended up purchasing a pair of white slides at Primark. I brought along one pair of high heeled black slides which I wore in the evenings. I love that they were low in height, still comfortable for daytime walking, and are open in the back (no swelling!).

what to wear in amsterdam forever 21 dotted jumpsuit

I don't think I overpacked since I got a lot of wear out of EVERYTHING in my suitcase. Next time, I would consider a blazer in place of one of the coats because I am just loving oversized blazers right now! All in all, I think I did pretty great! I even managed to minimize my skincare routine (which you can still catch in my story highlights on Instagram). All my outfits in live action and beauty products are in my London & Amsterdam highlights if you'd like to take a peek!
amsterdam fashion blogger in front of canal

What an amazing trip. Honestly, it felt so good to get away even if only for a week! It's amazing how energized and inspired a little travel, culture and new experiences can make you!

What are some of your packing/traveling light tips?

G E T  T H E  G O O D S

Pink lover at Elan Cafe in London



  1. You never cease to amaze me Gabriella. Awesome that you were able to travel with just a carry on bag. xoxo

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