June 26, 2019

Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

pre wedding beauty tips

This post is sponsored by Centrum, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

You all know that I am serious about my beauty routine. It's something I don't compromise on. Now that the wedding is officially one (!!!) month away I'm doing all the things I can to stay on top of it. But it can get a little hard. There are all the outings, the celebrations, and the indulgences that definitely take a toll on my skin, and in turn, are affecting my time management skills. With all the things on my mind, like finalizing the officiant, collecting RSVPs, getting guest favors in order, I need max efficiency when it comes to beauty. Especially since stress can affect you on many levels. No thank you!! There are a few things I've been doing to keep in check that require minimal thought and effort. Like so minimal I don't even need to think about it. Which is amazing for lowering those stress levels! And I'm about to spill...

pre wedding beauty tips

Here are the latest three beauty hacks I've been incorporating into my wedding routine:

Beauty foods
Water dense foods have really been helping to improve my hydration levels and keep me looking plump and dewy. If you look in my fridge there is usually a wide assortment of fresh fruits and veggies. I love snacking on them, taking them to work, or having them cut and prep for when I am ravenous and need something to tide me over before dinner is ready. I recently read that celery is great for hydration, carrots can provide nutrients for my eyesight, and veggies like spinach can help build on my fiber intake. You can really never have enough greens, right? Just drizzle with some olive oil and lemon and you're all set!

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Beauty Supplements
This is something I introduced into my routine this year and I'm hooked. Taking Centrum Multigummies Multi+Beauty requires no effort or thought on my part, which I love. I can work on my beauty routine without even thinking about it. I have the bottle out on the counter with my beauty items, and the flavours are cherry, berry, and orange! Best part? They really work to support your beauty from within. It's not just a cosmetic fix! The gummies are a multivitamin that is formulated to maintain eyesight, bone health, and metabolism. They also contain essential vitamins (including biotin) to promote thicker hair, healthy skin and stronger nails. Efficient, effective, just what I need right now! Plus-- my hairdresser actually told me my hair looked so great on my last appointment!

pre wedding beauty tips
Gua Sha
I can't get enough of this little tool. It's a self-care, beauty technique that is said to help with circulation, help reduce puffiness, lift and firm the skin as well as smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  If you are familiar with a jade roller, it's similar to that. You glide the tool over the face in an upward motion to move the liquid and build up out of your face. It's amazing for contouring and really de-bloats the face. Here's a quick video to get you started on how to do it. I just slather on some face oil or serum and glide away. The stone has a grounding/calming effect so the ritual is very therapeutic to me. Try it out next time your reading, watching tv or lying in bed.

Centrum multigummies beauty + gummies
Do you have any other beauty tips to spill? I can't wait to keep you posted on the wedding journey! Time is just flying by!

*This post is sponsored by Centrum.

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MultiVitamin/Mineral Supplement. Always read and follow the label.



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