July 15, 2019

Indie Lee Daily Vitamin Infusion

indie lee daily skin nutrition

When brands actually take the time to reach out to you to get their message out to the world, it has such a huge impact on me.  So many companies try and inundate the industry with their "try this, try that messaging", but why? We want to know how they use their products, what they use and all the deets!

indie lee daily skin nutrition

While Indie Lee was visiting Toronto, I had the chance to sit down with her and chat all things wellness, clean beauty and even her favourite spots in Singapore.

If you don't know her story, you NEED to drop everything and become familiar with it now. The brand is about empowerment, education and healthy living. After being diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, Indie made it her mission to change what we put in and on our bodies, what we clean with,  and what we eat. She's fighting disease, pollutants, toxins one day at a time, and wants to educate us on how we can do the same.

I love Indie Lee products. They are grounded in education, nature and holistic living. One sniff and I instantly feel at ease and my shoulders lower. It's like my tension is released, and I am calm. Like I can breathe again, and see straight again.

I've already chatted about the squalane oil here, but I think I found my newest obsession. The Daily Vitamin Infusion. It's a new oil/serum and it contains my beloved squalane, but also rosehip seed, vit e, rosemary leaf, and avo oil. Basically, MAX nourishing, plumed, and hydrated. I am hooked! Just a few days with this stuff and my skin is already looking so refreshed!!

Next, do you ever suffer from achy muscles, inflammation, or body pain? ME TOO! Post gym soreness? Tense shoulders? Tech neck? I have it all... Enter in the I-Recover Mind & Body Gel. It contains arnica, black pepper, lavender, and mint. All you do is rub over your muscles/joints and it soothes and releases pain and tension. Indie told me she uses it whenever she has a flare from her arthritis. Now that is power by nature! It goes on light, absorbs quickly and the smell is just so sensual.

Some of my other favourites? The Brightening Cleanser, it's light, smells like strawberries, and none of the products are formulated with sulfates, phthalates, petrolatum, parabens, aluminum, and dyes. Hello, beautiful!

And, while I still have your attention, I URGE you to check out the Radiance Renewal Peel pads. Man, on man, you know I LOVE peel pads. It's like an instant skin fix. Leaves you with baby soft skin as it exfoliates, and skin is brighter and more even toned. I love that these contain vit c (!!), so good for hyperpigmentation. Just make sure to lather up with sunscreen afterward, as your skin will be more sensitive after the exfoliation! And guys-- don't let these go to waste, use the remainder on the back of your hands and on your chest. You know what I said

Have you dived into the green world of beauty? Now I don't want you to become overwhelmed and throw everything away and feel like you need to be 100% green and clean. Just start with small changes! Are you out of a product? Why not, when you go to restock try out a different one, that is better for you, the environment and ultimately the world!

Let me know if you've tried Indie below...




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