July 29, 2019

Honeymoon Beauty with Drunk Elephant The Littles

Drunk Elephant The Littles Skincare Review

We're going to Miami and I am packing light. I am soooo ready to chill out. You will find me poolside, champagne side, and lathered up in SPF. It's just how I roll. I am beyond excited for the wedding but am also so excited to hang with my hunnie for a few days just us two! This summer has flown by with wedding prep, launching GG & CO, and work.

So what's in my skincare bag? Since I'm packing light I am relying on one brand that  I adore. I am obsessed with Drunk Elephant. I started with their Vitamin C serum after I ran out of this one, and from then on I knew I had to try more from the brand. The whole DE range is clean, fragrance-free,  and they focus on using LESS. Which is so important, no filler toxins or strange ingredients. Just

The Littles set is the ultimate and most perfect travel set. It includes everything you need for your skincare collection, all in travel-sized bottles to fit anywhere! I am smitten with this set. It's their most loved goodies all wrapped up into one little blue waterproof bag to take on the go.

So, what's in it? How do you use it?

drunk elephant skincare the littles set

I'll take you morning and night how I use the products:

*Beste Cleanser (jelly, so light but really cleanses the prores)
*C-Firma (vitamin C serum), mixed with B-Hydra (hydrating serum). I mix these two serums together. You don't have to. Decide if you want to brighten go for the C-Firma if you want hydration go for B-Hydra.
*C-Tango (eye cream to dab in the thin skin below the eyes)
*Umbra Tint (it's a moisturizer with SPF 30 and has a little glow to it)

*Beste Cleanser again
*T.L.C. serum (it's a glycolic serum so it exfoliates and gets rid of dead skin cells)
*Marula Oil (Face oil to rejuvenate the skin, lock in moisture and nourishes the skin)
*Protini Cream (a decadent face cream to seal the deal for the night)

GUYS. THIS SET. It's literally everything. So worth it. Literally made me for to take to Miami, right?!

Let me know if you're drunk in love with DE.



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