October 01, 2019

How To Pre-Plan Your Month on Social Media

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Oh hi, October! I barely saw you there. Creeping up on me. Like usual. It's a new month, which means you need a new plan. Something to get you on track and ready to have the best month digitally.

Here's what I want you to do to kick off this month is pure GG fashion.

How to pre-plan your social media month on social media

Map out 1-3 goals.
What are your goals? This could be growth in subscribers, increase in sales, get 5 new clients... whatever it is to do with your business. I'm not talking about going to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday here... We're talking goals for social that will help you achieve your brand objectives. Write them out as they will become the guide for your month. Every post and move on social needs to be aligned with these goals.

What's on your radar for this month?
What is coming up for you? Halloween, the holidays, maybe you're prepping for Black Friday sales... Decide what content you need to put out in relation to these happenings. Are there any key hashtags you can jot down while you're at this for these events?

Decide on who you want to reach out to.
Are there any brands you want to pitch to? Are there any other accounts you wish you could work with? Now is the time to write them out. Collaboration is key to success and growth! List off a few of these accounts you've had your eyes on.

How to pre-plan your social media month on social media

Now to brainstorm.
How to make it happen! The fun part! How are you going to achieve those goals, work with those companies and have an organized, successful month? Write down everything that comes to mind here, and go wild. Manifest it all.

Fill out the calendars.
Remember my free printables? Get on the monthly calendar and fill in the actual posts you are going to carry out to help you get there.

Don't forget-- is each post going to build up to ultimately get you closer to reach these goals?

Yes girl. You got this!

Need help with the tactics on reaching those goals? We can hash out a wicked, customized strategy just for you. Get at me! 

You're going to be so set up for success that you cannot be stopped.

How to pre-plan your social media month on social media

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