October 16, 2019

How to Start an Instagram Account from Scratch

how to build instagram following from ground up

 So you want to start an Instagram page for your side hustle/passion project/hobby/new biz but have no idea where to start. And on top of that, you’re probably thinking “I am way too late into the game”.


how to build an instagram page from the ground up

With over 7 billion users on Instagram, do you really think there isn’t someone out there that is looking for exactly what you have to offer or say?

You know what I’m going to say about opinions, but I’ll give you the PG version: opinions are like armpits, everyone has them and they usually stink.

It’s just fact that not everyone will love what you do, and that is totally okay. Criticism is never going to go away. Once you accept that not everyone will love it you automatically give yourself permission to be yourself and it’s easier to move on. Accept it and push on.

Now that we got that out of way. Let’s break down the FIVE tips to starting an Instagram account from the ground up:

how to build an instagram page from scratch

Before you can even post anything, let’s get your brand values and pillars in check. Here let’s decide who is your niche/your target followers, who are you speaking to? Really map out the exact person. Is she a new mom? Is she an entrepreneur? Is she an aspiring trainer?

You need to decide on your direction, your brand and how you want to portray yourself or your bizz online.

What are you going to emulate to your audience? How are you going to help? Maybe it’s overcoming mental health issues, or providing workout tips.

**Answer the q’s: What to do you offer? Who do you offer it to? Why do you do it?
Your bio is the first page your audience will see, so we need that first impression a good one! But first, how can we make sure it’s searchable, to begin with?
Here are the elements of a legit bio:

1.  Photo: Clear, eye-catching. Make it pop! Try having a photo with a bright coloured background as it will gain more attention than a regular photo just taken outdoors, or against a white wall. Alternatively, you can put your logo here.

2.  Name field: remember this is searchable so add in a keyword! As you can see with mine (below)  it reads “Social Media Stylist Gabriella”. That way when users are searching on Instagram “social media”, there is now a better chance I will pop up to my idea clients. So what do you do? Maybe it’s “One of a Kind Jewellery”, maybe it’s “Holistic Nutritionist”, maybe it’s “Toronto Hair Stylist”.

**Tip go check out some of your competitors and see what is in their bio!
building an instagram page from the ground up

3.  Description: Use this place to describe what your audience will get from you. It’s all in their transformation. Showcase your solution! I.e.: “We create exceptional cruelty-free skincare so you can look and feel your best!” You can also use this as a place to add a link to your website, or blog. Give them a place to get more! Etc. I love the Milkshake app as it creates a mini website within your bio.

Give people a reason to follow you! Think about yourself when you find a new page…You are so much more unlikely to follow any accounts with 1 or 2 photos. I like to give the feed a little bit of spice by creating a creative 9 grid. This will set the tone for your feed, provide a little bit of an intro into who you are and will also allow you the space to tell a story.
*Need help with creating a show-stopping 9 grid? DM me.

Set out on the hashtag quest as I like to call it! Research some key hashtags in your niche. The sweet spot is usually under 1 million hashtags and above 10,000. That way your photo has a better chance of remaining in that hashtag group. Make a list of some relevant hashtags and save them in a note so you can go back to them and add to your photo. Also, follow some of the hashtags in your niche. This way, you may come up in the “recommended” or “relevant” searches.   

Now you need to go viral with your new Instagram account. Tell a friend, link it on your other social media platforms. Add it to your website, Facebook groups, etc! Get your name out there and start searching out your ideal clients. If you are first starting out you will want to spend at least 20 minutes a day liking, following, commenting on your ideal clients pages, that way they see you! If you’re wondering how to find your clients, search location tags or hashtag groups.

Need a bit more clarification/help with any of the above? Just send me an email!

building an Instagram business page from the ground up

photography by: @lauraclarkephotos


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