September 11, 2014

Annual Aspirations

I know most people choose New Year's Eve as a time to reflect on goals and aspirations, but I find that birthdays are an even better occasion to look back on the past year and determine how much personal growth has occurred. After all, unlike December 31st, this day is all about you. Well… unless December 31st is your birthday. But, the point is that it's important to not only make wishes with your cake, but to also acknowledge your dreams and see how far you've come. This birthday (and yes, don't hate me- it was practically a month ago!) I set a few goals for myself. Nothing major. Just a few personal objectives and some career oriented targets, but I am excited to see where I'll be next year at this time. I really couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend- and when it's one that revolves around cupcakes, champagne and macarons, how could you really?

{birthday outfit: Necessary Clothing romper (now on sale!), vintage clutch, Louboutin heels} 
{macarons and Marie Antoinette pastry from Nadège Patisserie}



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