September 16, 2014

Fall Favourites

Fall fashion has been subject to many style and colour revivals as of late. We've seen camouflage make a comeback and have witnessed an oxblood takeover. But even with the influx of navy and army green my wardrobe has been revolving around classic neutrals- black, beige, and white. There is something so crisp and simple about pairing these colours together and they actually have me embracing the seasonal change. If there is one thing I can't wait to rock, it's the wool hat.  Not only are they perfect for a messy hair day, but they totally complete any look. Not to mention the protection from the cold or rain that is an added bonus. Here are my fall favourites. 

1. Bucket Bag- Mansur Gavriel
2. Tyra Skirt- Wilfred Free
3. Cedric Sweater- Babaton
4. Floppy Wool Fedora Hat- Topshop
5. Trivial- Steve Madden
6. Scalloped Metro- Kate Spade
7. Cauchy Pant- Wilfred
8. Tracecraft Bangle Bracelet- Madewell
9. Congo Sweater- Motel
10. Trefle Dress- Wilfred
11. Ashbury Leather Ankle Boots- Michael Kors 
12. Mika Ear Crawlers- Gorjana 

You can see last fall's favourites here


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