September 18, 2014

City Reflections

I can say with certain that my beloved NYC has seen many different sides of me. She's seen me gaze up in awe as a little girl on family vacations, and she's seen me holding hands walking through Central Park with my love. She's also seen me brunch and shop till I drop on mother/daughter getaways, and she's most definitely seen me stumble out of some grungy bars on Rivington with my best friend. I kind of have a love affair with New York City, and it keeps me coming back year after year. There is hardly ever enough time to accomplish all that I set out to do in one weekend, so for that I can easily justify returning. This weekend is my annual mother/daughter weekend and I could not be more excited. Since the fall seemed to arrive extra early this year I am seriously in need of a pick me up. This year we have some exciting activities planned, as well as eating our faces off attending the San Gennaro Festival.  Follow along for more updates and feel free to check out last year's recaps of our weekend getaway.  



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