April 28, 2015

Coffee Shop Talk

Hiding out in quaint cafés and coffee shops is something that has definitely stuck with me well beyond my university school days. Back then they made the task of writing ridiculously long essays more enjoyable, and today they act as a haven to blog, a reason to explore new parts of town, and most importantly to fuel with coffee and treats. When I do get out to coffee shops solo, whether it's to work, to bask in their wifi when the power is out, or for any other reason, there are a few mandatory items I always bring with me.

1. Blanket scarf- You never know when the temperature will change drastically, if you will be sitting next to the door or window, or if you need a little cushion for the less desirable seating (hem- those wooden chairs).

2. Water- I hate buying water, and sometimes getting up to ask for a cup will risk someone stealing your spot. I always like to have my refillable water bottle with me because I tend to always need something to sip on.

3. Chap stick & hand cream- Whether it's just by habit, or the fact that some places can get dry and with the door opening and closing, I tend to re-apply chap stick and hand cream multiple times throughout my coffee shop sessions. I would hate to have to leave because my lips are cracked and in pain.

4. Headphones- Sometimes you need a relaxing playlist for a little white noise, or need to drown out an overly loud table. Headphones won't disappoint.

5. Electronics- Other important items are laptop charger and phone charger. It may seem obvious but they can easily be left behind, and with my ever dwindling battery life, these cords are necessities.

Are there any key items I'm missing from your list? I'd also love to know what are your favourite coffee shops and your go-to order?



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