April 01, 2015

Funfetti Cake

This cake just screams #thepastellife, and it makes me happy just thinking about it! So summery, so sprinkley, so lemoney and  SO marshmallowey (YUM!/Are any of those words?). I've never made a funfetti cake primary for the reason that I would always opt for chocolate over vanilla, but for our Fancy Pufs photo shoot I challenged myself to make a funfetti cake with marshmallow buttercream frosting. It was amazing, and brought me right back to the good old summer days as a kid hopping from one birthday party to the next! The cake itself is so moist and light, and the icing is insanely good. I was contemplating using vanilla extract over lemon like the recipe called for, but I am so happy I didn't make the change! The lemon extract is so refreshing to taste in the cake and in the icing really revives the pallet and makes your taste-buds burst with flavour. I know you can buy a boxed Funfetti Cake Mix, but the little extra effort will blow your mind. For the Fancy Pufs shoot we topped the cake with a gigantic pink cotton candy puf, and it was seriously adorable. Although it matched the pretty-in-pink theme, this cake is perfect for any spring/summer gathering. I followed this recipe for the cake, and this recipe for the frosting, but also have a few tips of my own.

Tips & Tricks
  • I recommend buying the bake even strips as they really do work! I have been trying to get my cakes flatter without having to buy the strips, but when I found a Michael's coupon I decided it would be worth it. I couldn't believe how flat and even my cakes came out! They really do not cost that much, and make a big impact.
  • If you are layering the cakes I recommend doubling the icing recipe. I barely had enough to cover the sides! Since marshmallow fluff is not something I keep in my pantry I couldn't just whip up another batch before the shoot! 
  • Do not use nonpareils (the type of round sprinkles) in the batter.  They will bleed into the cake. Ty-dye cake is also great so I'm not complaining, but if you're looking for a more neater look, go with regular sprinkles or jimmies. The round pastel sprinkles were also great for the top (they didn't bleed one bit!).

 Did you catch P&P's collaboration with Fancy Pufs? This cake was the show stopper! #FancyPufsXPastels&Pastries 



  1. This looks amazing! Definitely festive for spring, but I feel like you could change up the sprinkle colours and make it for any occasion. Here I am attempting to finish papers for the semester and you distract me with this cake! Resisting making it - also because I would have to resist eating the entire thing myself.

    Looking forward to the cookie butter popcorn (is that what it was called?) You know we share an obsession with cookie butter.

    1. You could totally customize the cake for any occasion! How about an end of semester treat?! You deserve it, Megan!

      And yes! The cookie butter popcorn is coming soon. I promise it will be worth it.

    2. You don't have to tell me twice that I can have a cake for an end of semester treat! :)

  2. oh my goodness, that looks soooo good! I love funfetti!


    1. I have to say, I am now a funfetti fan!!

  3. Oh wow! It's like my childhood all over again! It looks amazing!

    Emma Xx


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