March 30, 2015

Blushed at WMCFW

World Mastercard Fashion Week came and went in a flash. With a busy day job, a crashed computer, (I finally recovered everything- thank goodness), and the big #FancyPufsXPastelsAndPastries reveal, it was one of the busiest weeks yet, but I am so not complaining! I was beyond excited to be invited to attend the shows put on by The Collections, and did not want to miss this opportunity! I kicked off the week with a little pampering at Her Majety's Pleasure, Toronto's newest beauty salon, spa, bar and cafe and ended the week freezing my birdcage skirt off at the amazing Mikael D show. I was so amazed and inspired by all the Canadian talent and was just blown away by all the beautiful and stylish people. Outside the tents, the street style was bold, fierce and vibrant. I played with pastels and my first look was combined neutrals, accompanied by my favourite Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. mini. Here are some snaps from outside the tents. 

Did you catch me in Flare Magazine's "The Best Toronto Street Style From #WMCFW" round up?

{RW&CO. trench, H&M necklace, Zara pants, Rebecca Minkoff bag (on sale!), Daniel Wellington watch, Nine West pumps}
Photos by: Brendan Mariani 

More from #WMCFW
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{choosing polish at HMP / snapped outside the tent by Stefania Yarhi / fringe at Malorie Urbanovitch / #fromwhereistand}

Thank you Charming Media for bringing me along!



  1. Perfect mix of colors here. Beautiful color blocking! Great bag, too!

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog, by the way! I appreciated it! <3

    - Anna

  2. Tu ne t'en souviens pas?

  3. Great look, I love your jacket. I hope you had fun, i know I did.

  4. Such a lovely outfit. Love the colour palette!!

    Kris | Love. Loft. Life.

  5. Absolutely love your coat!!
    So proud of you! Xoxo

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