March 06, 2015

Uptown, Downtown

Black on black felt like the perfect combination to take me from a surprise birthday party in the north end to a late dinner/celebration in the heart of the city this past weekend. I know you read this here, but just because I go crazy for mint and blush, doesn't mean I don't love a good black on black ensemble! I whipped out these leopard party shoes, a fuzzy pastel coat, and a sequin/backless top for a little embellishment... a new haircut always helps too! Tell me- how do you elevate the classic colour? 

{Old Navy coat, Forever 21 top, Tory Burch clutch, J Brand pants, Sam Edelman pumps}



  1. This is a classy outfit I'm obsessed, especially with the leopard print shoes with the black on black!
    Dalal x,

    1. Thanks girly! Just wish the snow would melt so I can wear them more!

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