March 09, 2015

Hair Care 101

I figured after all this talk about skin care, it was necessary to round up some of my favourite hair care products/tools. Winter does just as much damage to my hair as it does my skin; it's dry, static-y all the time, and I'm constantly looking for ways to add some nourishment. The products below are relatively new to my collection but already have a place in a my good books. Here's why:

Tangle Teezer: Let's start with the basics- a good brush. We're all looking for something that detangles wet or dry hair, is compact and can fit in your purse, and doesn't result in yanking and pulling out your locks!  The Tangle Teezer is from the UK and has revolutionized hair brushing. The sleek and compact design is so portable and makes it perfect for travelling. It even comes with a protective case so the teeth are always safe and it literally fits in the palm of your hand. My hair is fine, yet seems to get oh so tangly after the shower. The Tangle Teezer works magic. Seriously- no pain, and the bristles just glide though my hair! I don't know how I was getting by before this little tool came into my life, and I suggest you check it out! It's available at Sephora and comes in some pretty sweet colours/designs!

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo: This is by far the best dry shampoo I have tried to date, and I have basically tried them all. Since my hair is so fine it get's oily petty fast… but not with this baby around! It smells amazing and refreshes and revives my hair on the greasiest of days!

Lush Roots Hair Treatment: This is another hair treatment I love! It has a minty cool sensation, which refreshes the scalp and contains olive oil and honey which soften the hair and leave your hair shining.  It is great for adding volume to fine, thin hair, and you don't even need to dry your hair after using Roots, it comes out so silky-smooth!

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment: Once a week or so, when I know I am going to be washing my hair later that day, I will comb the oil throughout my ends and tie my hair in a bun. I then wash it out about an hour later and this oil leaves my hair incredibly soft, silky and looks like I just left the salon. I also use the oil to infuse moisture, tame static and calm down my baby hairs.

Ribbon Hair Ties: On days where my hair is just unruly and untameable, these little hair ties are my lifesavers. They are chic enough to wear to  out, dressy enough for the office and can make any outfit look put together. Confession- I love matching them to my outfits!

**Thank you to Charming Media and Tangle Teezer for allowing me to review this product. All opinions are 100% my own and I would not recommend a product on pastels & pastries which I did not stand behind and love myself! Get yours at Sephora!



  1. Such a great selection of products! Love Macadamia Oil and would love to try some of Lush haircare!

    1. You definitely should. I am obsessed with their products- not to mention their pretty packaging!
      xx Gabriella

  2. I have been wanting to try the tangle teezer forever now--you convinced me, I am getting it!
    Those ties are everything, I've been loving them too:)!

  3. I love ribbon hair ties…so much better that regular elastics. I will have to try an oil hair treatment..I have heard great reviews!

    1. Aren't they?! And they come in so many pretty colours!
      xx Gabriella

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