March 26, 2015

Pastel Me Pretty

Although it may not necessarily feel like Spring, Spring has definitely arrived. The air is fresh, sunglasses are making an appearance and positive vibes are flowing from under the influx of Toronto Blue Jays' caps. Now that the sun is staying out later and the temperatures are somewhat bearable, I am fully embracing the season shift, and it really wouldn't be the start of Spring if I didn't go on a pastel shopping frenzy. The malls are so dangerous for me this time of year because I'll literally buy anything if it comes in ballet slipper pink, or mint, or blush. Here are a few items for Spring that I am currently coveting.

H&M Wool Hat
Joe Fresh Cropped Textured Sweater
French Connection Airbrush Fit-and-Flare Dress
Cynthia Rowley Long Sleeve Flounce Dress
H&M Earrings
424 Fifth Baylee Wrap-Around Pumps
Wilfred Marmontel Blouse 
Kate Spade Cedar Street Hayden
424 Fifth Birdcage Skirt
10 Karen Walker Starburst Sunglasses
11 BucketFeet Flamingo Slip on Sneakers 
12 Cake for Breakfast Mais Oui Mon Cheri White Tee
13 Steve Madden Drawstring Bucket Tote

What's on your wish list for Spring?



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