March 02, 2015

Casual Sunday Vibes

A temperature of -4 degrees celsius is totally sneaker weather, right? Although still in the negatives, the first day of March reminded me of just how happy Spring makes me and I want more! More sunshine and warmth, please! I kept it casual while heading to brunch on Sunday, layering a light turtleneck under my chambray top to keep me toasty. If I'm going to continue this winter-sneaker movement I really need to invest in more those mini sockettes so my toes don't freeze… I always manage to lose just one! Hope you had a great weekend!

{Old Navy turtleneck, D&G sunglasses, J Crew chambray top, Juicy Couture coat, J Brand pants, Kate Spade bag, Converse sneakers}



  1. I love your Converse sneakers (I have the same pair on my wish list for this month) and how well you layered your look! I'm horrible at layering so I always love getting inspiration!


    1. You will love the sneaks, Jacy! Perfect for spring and summer.
      xx gabriella

  2. I love all of the layers! and your red bag is stunning!!


  3. I'm obsessed with your red bag, it's such a fun pop of color!!

    XO Courtney

    1. Thanks, Courtney!! Glad you stopped by! xx

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