February 28, 2015

The Winner is...

In case you missed the announcement on Facebook and InstagramMarianna Jimenez (@marianna333) is the winner of the Ultimate Perk Prize Pack! I just know she is going to love, love, love her new scrubs! 
Not to worry if you didn't win! Perk is extending the love by offering a 10% DISCOUNT for all P&P readers until next Friday! Just use discount code "perk up" here: www.perknaturals.etsy.com
Thank you to everyone who entered into the contest. I was so excited for the first give-away to be something that I truly love and wanted to spread the word about to all you lovely people! You seriously need to go and get your Perk on. Also- a huge thank you to Perk for making such amazing products that make our skin look and feel glorious! Can't wait to see what is to come for them!

Read up on Perk here 



  1. Congratulations! Great giveaway!

    BlushinglyBlonde ~ Leah'xo

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