February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Sweet Table

Whether you will be celebrating love day with your beau, besties or family, Valentine's Day should be filled with your favourite things. For me that would be sweets treats, sparkly drinks and an ample amount of pink. Whatever you have planned for the occasion I hope it's spent with those you love and doing that which brings your joy. Here's a little sneak peak into my Valentine's Day spread. Can't wait to crack open that bubbly and indulge in one too many chocolates! Why not get together with your girlfriends, or surprise your boo with a love filled sweet table this weekend? This weekend is Family Day long weekend so I am looking forward to having and extra day to spend quality time with those close to my heart. 

How will you be spending the weekend?

My strawberry shortcake can be found here.

{DIY kiss wrapping paper}
champagne coupes- vintage
Oh La La print- SS Print Shop
L'Amour print- SS Pring Shop
straws and napkins- Target
bubbles- Target


  1. Your champagne display looks fab! Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day. x

  2. Mmmm THAT CAKE. Making my mouth water ova here! xx

    1. Maybe another one is in order! Any flavour suggestions, Emily??

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