February 09, 2015

Blue Valentine

The typical Valentine's Day colours may be pink and red, but that doesn't mean that getting all fancied up for love day in any other colour can't be just as romantic. Blue is dreamy, peaceful and signifies trust and intelligence, and I'm all for celebrating those qualities, too! Even though I'll most likely be parading around in my beloved blush pink on love day I couldn't resist getting all dressed up for an outing this past weekend in a serious VDay outfit contender.  So flowy, so fun and so girly! Even though we were facing some super wind (which made for some blurry shots), sometimes you have to just do a little twirl and embrace the wind in your hair (or up your midi).

What do you think? Will you be switching up the colour pallet this February 14th, or are you sticking to the classic colours?

{J Crew Chambray top, American Apparel skirt (similar),  Kate Spade clutch, Sam Edelman Pumps



  1. So obsessed that you're not wearing pink. This outfit's so classic and original. x

    1. I like blue.

      I was going to play Fantaisie Impromptu for you if you wore pink.
      But now... maybe Blue Danube? It is a much easier composition. I do not need much time to practice. But you have to decide and let us know whichever way.

  2. Looking cute and classy.


  3. I love this! The blue outfit is such a welcome change for Valentines Day - you may have me rethinking the pink dress I was originally planning on wearing!

    1. I do love blue, but I know I'll be wearing pink too come Feb 14th!
      It's always fun to switch it up though!

  4. Beautiful outfit! Love the color of that skirt


    1. Thank you Mel! It is a nice, deep colour! I need to whip it out more.

  5. beautiful skirt. I want to buy it. Thanks for sharing......

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