February 17, 2015

Blush and Red

I had a different Valentine's Day outfit planned for this past weekend and reaaaaally wanted to wear these leopard pumps, but I could not even fathom the idea of exposing any part of my feet no matter how small for any length of time. I mean, this weekend was seriously cold… apparently -30 degree temperatures are a thing these days?? Please no. This skirt was another last minute selection. I purchased it during the Holidays because it's the perfect shade of Holiday red, but I really thought I had wore it out in December... I couldn't even look at it in my closet that's how much I wore it. Pairing it with a blush pink top and purpley-pink lip gave me a whole new-found appreciation for the skirt! I was definitely feeling the love in these colours and I'm so glad that this piece will now be on rotation into Spring. Do you have any pieces that are ready to make a comeback?

I hope you had a great long weekend! Let's all wish for warmer temps to come this way!
{Forever 21 top and skirt, Juicy Couture coat (old), MAC "All Fired Up" lipstick, Kate Spade bag, Michael Kors booties}



  1. You look beautiful! I love your top, the sleeves give it such a romantic feel!

    1. Thank you Courtney! The sleeves are what sold me!

  2. You look perfect! I'm with you with Winter weather thwarting outfit plans. Can it be Spring already, please?

  3. You look gorgeous and I love how you 'winterized' your skirt to make it totally cute but cold-weather appropriate!


    1. Thank you, Jacey! I'm hoping Spring will hurry it's way so I will not have to winterize many more outfits !!


  4. So pretty! This outfit is adorable!

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