February 02, 2015

Winter Florals

I am an all season floral lover through and through. I mean, avoiding the pretty pattern just because there is snow on the ground is simply not an option for me. Mixing up the pattern with neutrals or a bit of black makes this print a year round staple. This Saturday the sun came out for a bit while out and about which made me feel like we are springing in... if only the temperatures would agree.

How do you feel about winter florals? Also- how do you feel about pants that slightly resemble pjs? I was on the fence about this Target steal for a bit… ultimately the colours won me over! Target- don't leave.

{Forever 21 sweater, Target pants, Juicy Couture coat, Kate Spade bag, Michael Kors boots}



  1. The winter floral look is gorgeous!! I love those pants, and wouldn't have thought to rock them in winter, but it totally works.

    Something About That

    1. Rock away, girly! Florals always make me happy, even when we are graced with inches and inches of snow!

      xx gabriella

  2. I love winter florals and this one is spot on! Those pants are cute!


  3. I'm a firm believer that you should wear something if and when you like it, seasons be darned! Pastels and florals in winter are a great idea. Love how you styled these pants and made them the star of the show!


    1. Thank you, Ivete! I'm so happy you agree!!

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