April 23, 2015

Lady in Leopard

How bad am I'm missing the lovely sunny skies and warm temperatures we were graced with just a few short days ago?! This week's atmospheric reality has been wind, rain, hail, and dare I say that snow is on the forecast for today! Until the sunshine returns, I'm thinking back on a delightful weekend afternoon spent outdoors in an all neutral ensemble, with the lightest of jackets over my shoulders and my most favourite pair of sunglasses on my head. I'm hopeful that this weekend will bring with it some more bright skies, but to help get me through the rest of this week I'd love to know- when the grey skies are constant, and the rain is relentless- what are your tips to deal with Spring's unpredictable attitude? 

{Miu Miu sunglasses, Sheinside coat (similar), Forever 21 blouse, RED Valentino loafers, vintage clutch, Michael Kors watch, H&M necklace, rings- H&M, Fresh Tangerine}



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