September 28, 2015

Big Apple Red

Since I was only in NYC for a few days and I prefer to travel with carry on luggage only, (thanks Joëlle for the toiletry packing tips), packing was kept to a minimal. For my one vibrant piece I chose this red skirt. Easily transitioned from day to night with a new pair of heels, but for day-time adventures I kept it simple with a versatile white tank, and minimal accessories. We kicked off the morning with breakfast at Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe, and then headed to Chelsea Market, not before grabbing another cup of coffee in the heart of the Meatpacking District. I love the Meatpacking District for the High Line and shopping, but had never ventured into Chelsea Market. I already can't wait to get back here! The food scene is insane, and the shops are a plenty!

Red skirt, celine sunglasses, NYC style
{Forever 21 skirt (similar), Wilfred tank(on sale),  Longchamp bag, Target sandals, MK watch, Celine sunglasses}
Red skirt, celine sunglasses, NYC style
Red skirt, celine sunglasses, NYC style



  1. You look incredible - yay carry on travel girls! I was absolutely glued to my phone during your trip to NYC to see what you were up to, it looked like and incredible trip!

    La Petite Noob

    1. Thanks so much Joëlle!! It was a fabulous trip, and I still have some more NYC content to get through! Stay tuned ;)

      xx Gabriella

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