September 25, 2015

Simple in SoHo

Fall style and summer temperatures in SoHo

New York City was perfect. The weather was incredible, the food was delicious and the company was oh so lovely. I just love the energy of that city; it's so rejuvenating and inspiring! After jumping off our plane and checking into our hotel (where I ran into Aimee Song!), we spent the rest of the day wandering through the streets of SoHo, checking out our favourite spots and discovering some new ones. Since the weather was stifling I opted for my go-to cross-season pairing-- shorts and booties. It's a perfect way to start breaking into your autumn wardrobe all while ensuring you won't be sweating your jeans off.  I'm also obsessed with army green as of late; the colour has literally besieged my wardrobe! To complement the fall colours I whipped out an old Longchamp tote to carry all the necessities around town with me. They are just classic and so functional! I do love travelling with cross-bodies but these cameras are just too bulky! And you all know this girl loves snapping photos! 

What do you think of the booties and shorts look? And, yes,  this topic has been brought up before, but what are tips for travelling with large cameras?

More from NYC soon! 

Army green blouse, shorts and booties for fall
{RW&CO cami, The Loft blouse, Forever 21 shorts, Joe Fresh booties, Longchamp tote, MK watch, Celine sunnies}
SoHo Fall Style
Army green blouse for fall, booties and shorts in SoHo

Army green blouse for fall, booties and shorts in SoHo



  1. Looks like you had a great time in NYC!! Can you tell I've been stalking your Instagram during your trip? :P

    I recently invested in the Sony RX100 for my trips that are only a couple of days long, because of its portability and convenience. But if you're still after something for a larger DSLR body, I'd highly recommend checking out ONA Bags. Yes, they're super pricey, but the quality is amazing and they're great looking. If you think the full camera bags are too pricey for your budget, I also have the Roma insert, which protects but can be put into any larger tote bag!

    Kris | Love. Loft. Life.

    1. Woah! Thank you so much for all that insight, Kris! Most of those words are foreign language to me, but I will definitely check them out. And I have been eyeing the RX100….it's so compact!

  2. May be a simple outfit but you look fab!!I've never been to NYC in the fall but I have to agree with Kristina creeping your instagram wall made me want to go back. Hope you had a wonderful trip :)

    Eleni - Bijuleni

    1. Thanks, Eleni! And NYC is just lovely any time of year! I'm itching to get there during the Holiday season!

      xx Gabriella


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