December 07, 2015

DIY Ornaments

Is there anything better than a glittery, pastel, Holiday mess? I wanted to make a little something for each of the girls in our Holiday shoot (which I can't wait to share!!), and thought homemade ornaments would be the perfect idea. They are so easy to make, and fun at that. All you need is the plastic ornaments, which I purchased from Michael's for 89 cents a piece, and any sort of odds and ends to throw inside. You can easily take the classic Holiday route with these ornaments, and fill them with pine sprigs and lace, and pine-cones, which would equally be as lovely. Since our shoot was girly in nature, I filled them with sparkles, glitter, mini rubber cupcakes, feathers, beads and pastel balls. 

Check out the pictures below for a little inspiration! Fill your ornaments with whatever you're feeling. Add them to the tree, hang them together as a garland, or tie them to your presents for the ultimate toppers. Have fun with them and get crafty this season! 



  1. They look amazing! I've always wanted to make my own decorations like this!

    Emma Xx

  2. I absolutely love my ornament Gabriella, thank you so much again! It definitely adds some beauty to my sad little tree LOL

    xo Joëlle
    La Petite Noob

  3. These are the cutest! I will have to remember for next year! xx

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