December 03, 2015

My Ritual

{Avocado Salad Rolls- Oats & Ivy)
Any app that allows you to skip the line, go paperless and enjoy good food is a necessity in my book. For the past few weeks I have been trying out the Ritual App and I have actually become addicted. Here's the low down. You download the app, order from one of the participating restaurants (and yes, you can customize your order to your liking, and still choose all your preferred sides/toppings/etc.), pick it up, and go back to your day without having wasted 15+ minutes in line, and more for the preparation. No waiting (unless you're a fast walker like me and get there before the time suggests), no receipts, and no having to deal with scrounging through your bag for that last quarter.

I love scoping out new places with Ritual. I ended up visiting places I would have never discovered without the app. Hello Oats & Ivy; my new fave (they had me at avocado chicken salad rolls)! It even makes grabbing your morning coffee a breeze! I rarely go to a restaurant without checking out the menu first, and Ritual makes it so easy to scan though the whole menu and pick your meal. They also let you know when something is sold-out for the day so your not disappointed upon arrival, and it maps your distance so you're smoothie is cold and your latte is hot when you arrive for pick up. I also love the little, customized notes the different restaurants leave on the bags! Such a nice touch. 

If you've ever wasted half your break waiting in line and had to scarf down your meal, you'll know how convenient and practical this app is. Check it out and you'll be addicted too. 

{The Classic Acai Bowl- The Good Press}
{Portland Variety}
{Black Canary Espresso Bar}
{Buffalo Chicken Pierogies- Loaded Pierogi (because I had to share the app love with B)}
Thank you to Ritual for allowing me to test out the App. As always, all opinions are my own.



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