December 19, 2014

Glitzmas Party

A true glitzmas would not be complete without gold glitter, sweet treats and pink roses. 

This year's party was seriously one of the best yet, and although all the glitter and cookies contribute, it's really because I have an amazing group of girlfriends that are not only hilarious and incredibly generous, but are beautiful inside and out and loving beyond words.

Keep reading for tips on throwing an affordable but fabulous Christmas party!


Plan: First thing's first- you need to pick a theme, or colour scheme, or establish some guidelines for the event. It really helps to narrow down choices while shopping, and it helps to focus in on your ideas. I always sit down with my notebook and make lists of all my ideas- everything I want to serve and bake, and just go from there. This year I went with a pink and gold glitter theme (for obvious reasons). Naturally I began with the dessert buffet; not only are they for indulging purposes, but they are also creative masterpieces! 

Table runner: No, I wasn't going to spend $30 on sequin fabric to put on the dessert buffet. It would have been lovely, but so not in my budget. I picked up some gold chevron wrapping paper from Target for under $5 and taped it down to act as a table runner. Très chic, non? 

Wall art: I like to have some element of decoration above the dessert table. It pulls the look together and creates a focal point in the room. I attached pink and gold ornaments to gold string and hung them from the ceiling at different lengths.  Also, I purchased a "Happy Holidays" banner from Target to match the glitter theme. The gold ball banner is from Michaels, and I scored it at half price. Always print a coupon before going to Michaels, people! 

Extras: It's the little extras that pull the theme together. Pink and red straws, pink napkins, red berries, mini glitter Christmas trees, and these DIY gold vases and candlesticks.  I even tried to stick with similar serving ware to maintain the look throughout the rooms. And never forget the flowers! They add a touch of elegance and freshen up the room. 


My girlfriends know anytime they are coming over desserts will be had. I get a lot of requests for certain desserts (hem… peanut butter balls) throughout the year, but refuse to make them any other time than the holidays. It makes it more special since it's a little tradition we have.

This year the dessert buffet was stocked with White Chocolate Stuffed Ginger Molasses cookies, Hello Dollies, Secret Kisses, Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Squares, homemade Turtles, candied pecans,  and massive dipped marshmallows for the hot chocolate bar. Don't worry if you don't have time to bake.; bakery goods are just as delicious and chances are someone will bring dessert. 

Bar: Drinks are essential, and sweets and cocktails go hand in hand. I finally put my vintage champagne coupes to use and had a little bar tray at the ready, with some berries to garnish. We also had a winter white sangria and a continuous flow of wine. 


This is not a necessity, but it's nice to have a distraction from all the eating. 

In between the presents and girl talk, we treated ourselves at the DIY {alcoholic} Hot Chocolate station (with all the fixings), and a cookie decorating station. The hot chocolate station was delicious… I mean, who doesn't love vodka infused whipped cream? The girls also loved the cookie decorating station and it acted as a party favor (more on that here). As the night dwindled down we put on Love Actually and moved the party to the couch. 

 As you can see, for me it's all about incorporating little elements together that have a large impact.  I hope these simple yet valuable tips will help you throw the ultimate girls Glitzmas!



  1. That is my kind of celebration! Looks amazing! Beautiful shots 🍾


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