December 29, 2014

Ripped Denim and Pom Poms

Temperatures are somewhat warming up, which makes it bearable to sport ripped denim and not feel like pins and needles are running through my thighs. A classic ensemble such as boyfriend jeans and black is so simple that it's refreshing. Side note- these jeans were purchased in Barcelona, and you know how everyone says Zara is that much better in Spain? Well, I can confirm! There's even a Zara at the airport- in case you indulged in too many tapas and did too much Gaudi site seeing (guilty). Did you see my post on Barcey? And cue the travel bug… 

{Old Navy beanie, H&M blouse, Vera Moda blazer, Zara jeans, Tory Burch clutch, Michael Kors booties (now on sale!)}



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