December 07, 2014

Wrap It Up

This weekend I had a little solo holiday wrap party. I put on some festive music, broke into some dark chocolate covered caramels and wrapped away. It was the perfect way to A- clear the clutter on the floor of my bedroom, and B- figure out where I am at with the gifting situation. To be honest, the whole red and green colour theme doesn't really do it for me, so I strayed away from the traditional holiday colours. You can get so creative with wrapping and I encourage you to think outside the box, and that box being the red box with the green bow, and the tree lined tissue paper. Here are some elements to ensure you have a fun and colourful wrapping party:

1) The obvious: wrapping paper in funky colours, tissue paper, maps, newspaper or magazines- what ever you want to cover your boxes with!

2) The additions: ribbon, ornaments, cut out shapes, etc. I always stock up when Michael's has a sale or when I find coupons, so I have a serious collection of ribbon. I mean leopard ribbon is really a necessity. Also- adorn the boxes with tiny ornaments or wrapping paper fringe. 

3)Tunes: open Songza, or put on your favourite holiday CD. Confession- I still listen to The OC Mix 3- Have a Very Mery Christmukkah! 

4)Something hot: coffee, tea, hot chocolate. I opted for a caffeine fix, but feel free to make a batch of piping hot, {spiked} hot chocolate to warm you from the inside out! Don't forget to top with at least 14 marshmallows.

5)Sweets: don't get hangry! Have some finger sweets at the ready, this could take a while!

How do you wrap presents?


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