September 19, 2013

Checklist For The City

Before going away, or even going to the mall, I like to prepare myself by making a list or mental note of pieces that I am currently coveting. This not only helps me avoid making impulse purchases, but also prevents me from getting overwhelmed by the wide selections. In a city like New York this is extremely important since I could literally find must-have pieces in every shop I enter! Tomorrow morning I am headed to NYC for a weekend getaway with my mom, and below I have made a list of similar pieces I am on the hunt for.  While we tend to avoid visiting Times Square and other classic tourist spots, I am particularly excited for long brunches, walking along The High Line, and the (sort of) purpose for our trip - The San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy. Check back to see if I stay true to my list, or follow me on Instagram for more updates! 


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  1. Have the best time! Also couldn't help but laugh at your number 1:
    Great minds, I tell ya!


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