September 25, 2013

The Feast

To celebrate Italian immigrants and the patron saint of Naples, the Feast of San Gennaro, (it attracts around one million visitors per year) is put on every September in the heart of lower Manhattan- Little Italy. Naturally, my father (who is an Italian immigrant, although not to America) and his American family love to connect on these days to reminisce, and obviously eat the most delicious food. I am literally in food heaven- think streets full of pizza, rice balls, chicken parmesan, pasta and sausage. Ready for the best part? That doesn't include the dessert! As you'll see below there is a copious amount of food and desserts, notably: gelato, cannoli, sfogliatelle, torrone, and -my favourite- zeppole (confession: there is no photo as I scarfed these down so fast). If the food isn't your thing (I'm not sure why it wouldn't be!?), the people watching can be hilarious!  The years tend to get a tad repetitive, but I love going and embracing in the Italian culture! They don't call it a feast for nothing! 


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