September 12, 2013

Fall Beauty Change Up

It's no secret how easy and effortless it can become to carry out the same beauty routine over and over again. We find great products and make a habit out of using them throughout the change of seasons. This fall I am determined to make new beauty choices. Below you will find some of the products that I have tended to lean towards using over the years. I have rounded up their top contenders, which are products I am excited to use this fall, and here's why!

1. OPI- Black Onyx is a tried and true favourite. Wearing black nailpolish in fall has become a staple for me. However, this fall I am going to play around with other dark shades, and  Dior- Nuit 1947 and OPI- Keeping Suzi at Bay are at the top of my list. 

2. MAC Satin Lipstick in Myth is one of my most-loved lipsticks (I pretty much live on a nude lip and a golden smokey eye). While I don't plan on completely cutting it out, I am determined to try a look with a dark lip, like MAC Hang up, complemented by lighter eye make-up. 

3. Victoria's Secret Dream Angles Heavenly has always been a personal favourite.  There are so many scents to try and this fall I plan to mix it up with Lolita Lempicka- Elle L'Aime or Prada- Candy L'Eau

4. MAC Bronzing Powder- Refined Golden has become an absolute necessity for me. It's clear I don't have the darkest of skin tones, so I love a good swipe of this bronzer! The fall, to switch things up, I am really excited to try the new Tarte- Amazonian Clay Blush & Bronzer Duo. Tarte makes amazing products and I love this colour combo! The blush will perfectly offset the bronzer, which is key to make sure I don't end up with a harsh, fake looking glow. 

Are there any beauty products you are excited to try this fall?

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