September 27, 2013

Piece of Paris

Not only did I have the chance to indulge in a taste of Italy while in NYC, I was also able to treat myself to a piece of Paris. I seriously have been so fortunate to have visited the city twice, but I still miss it terribly!  It has almost been a year and a half since I last visited my favourite city, so it was inherent that my mom and I would head uptown to Ladurée for some utterly delicious macarons. Nostalgia got the best as me as soon as I saw the beautifully crafted building, which brought me right back to my time in Paris. We browsed the shop and took our time choosing the eight macarons which we would devour later that day. Excitingly enough, our imaginary journey to Paris didn't stop at Ladurée! We also visited Balthazar and Ceci-Cela for the most mouthwatering croissants. A while back I read Paris My Sweet by Amy Thomas, which is a great read, but really I enjoyed how she reveals the best pâtisseries not only in Paris, but in NYC. She doesn't miss a dessert: the New York cupcake, the Parisian macaron, the crème brûlée, the list goes on! Point is that I made mental notes of the best of the best and decided to check Balthazar and Ceci-Cela out. Just as Amy describes, the croissants were very comparable. But really, they will just have to do until I can get myself back across the pond!  

{found this gem on a side street waiting to be shown in a parade}


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